Koulutuskeskus signed a cooperation agreement with Logisteam Oy

We have signed a cooperation agreement with Logisteam Oy. Through cooperation, we can add high-quality ADR training to our own training portfolio.

Logisteam Oy has been an expert company in security, warehouse design and logistics for over 20 years. Hannu Honkasalo, ceo of the company, mainly serves as a trainer in the trainings.

The selection includes the following ADR courses:

ADR initial training (P) 3 days

ADR initial training (YP) 4 days

ADR combined continuing training (YT)

ADR continuing training (TP)

TNA trainings

Tank courses ES, E1, E7

ADR training provides the person with information on the risks associated with the transport of dangerous goods, basic information to avoid accident situations and information on the necessary measures to be taken in the event of an accident.

In the case of the transport of dangerous goods, the driver shall have a valid ADR licence. At the moment, driving licence tests can still be carried out at Ajovarma's offices.

ADR driving licence price:

  • Driving licence price 44 euros
  • Driving licence test fee EUR 50

For ADR trainings lasting at least 14 lessons, it is possible to receive two (2) professional qualifications for drivers. Courses with less than 14 lessons will receive one professional qualification entry.


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