Questions about occupational safety card training

How can I get an occupational safety card?

The occupational safety card requires the approved completion of the occupational safety card course. The card is valid for five (5) years, after which it is renewed every 5 years. The course can be completed online as a webinar or traditionally as an 8-hour classroom training.

You can book an occupational safety card course directly from the course application

Is the occupational safety card the same as the occupational safety card?

Isn't. The occupational safety ® is a national uniform training for the induction of occupational safety issues in a common workplace. The duration of occupational safety card training is eight hours and the card is renewed every five years. Occupational safety card courses are entitled to be held by trainers who meet the trainer criteria and have completed two-day occupational safety card instructor training.

Does occupational safety card training include an exam?

The training includes a written exam, which can be completed in one or two parts. If the course student has difficulties with reading or learning, it is possible to take the exam orally, which is worth agreeing with the trainer in advance. If you don't pass the exam, you can renew it twice.

Can I order private occupational safety card training?

Occupational safety card training can be arranged as the company's own on-demand training, or the course participants participate in open training. The company's own occupational safety card trainer is also a reasoned solution in several cases.

Does occupational safety card training get a professional qualification label?

For lorry and bus drivers who need days of further training in professional qualifications, occupational safety card training is one possibility.

Check that the trainer has a training centre permit issued by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) and that the day is carried out on the date of professional qualification.

The programme uses the trafi-approved training programme "Driver in the Common Workplace", diar number TRAFI/387151/05.03.07/2016. In the approved training centres you can find a list on trafi's website,

Does occupational safety card training include a textbook?

The basic material of the course is a workbook distributed to course students with forms for safety observations and target risk assessment. The materials and exams have also been conducted in Swedish, English, Estonian and Russian.


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