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The aim of the initial fire extinguishing training is to provide sufficient skills to extinguish fire starters, then reduce the damage caused by fires.

Initial firefighting training includes one theory lesson and an initial firefighting exercise, duration a total of two hours.

Initial extinguishing is the extinguishing of a fire starter using the equipment at hand. The basic conditions for combustim, initial fire extinguishing equipment and methods are essentially related to the initial fire extinguishing.
AS 1 training is carried out in accordance with the national training model.

Target audience

The initial fire extinguishing course is suitable as a comprehensive basic training in fire safety for educational institutions, office workers, housing companies, trade workers and anyone interested in fire extinguishing skills, among others.


  • Theory section indoors, 1 h
  • Characteristics of fire
  • The significance of the initial fire
  • Operation in the event of a fire
  • Extinguishing various fires with initial extinguishing equipment
  • Practical outdoor training, 1 h
  • Use of hand fire extinguisher
  • Use of fire cover

Those who have completed the initial fire extinguishing course will receive an initial fire extinguishing card valid for (5) years. The initial fire extinguishing card will be delivered within about a few weeks of the course performance.

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The initial fire extinguishing card is arranged in the following areas

Southwest Finland
North Savo
North Ostrobothnia
North Karelia
Central Finland
Central Ostrobothnia
South Ostrobothnia
South Karelia
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