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Online training

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Complete the training according to the SFS 6002 standard online. The certificate card for the electrical safety card training is valid for five (5) years.

The electrical safety training introduces students to the hazards of electricity, the management of electrical risks, safety practices and measures for working with electricity, power tools and personal protective equipment, and how to act in emergency and exceptional situations. The electrical safety card training is suitable for all those working in the electrical sector, studying electrical engineering, planning and coordinating work in the vicinity of electricity, and those working near high-voltage installations and parts. The training is based on the SFS 6002 electrical safety standard.

The training is conducted completely independently online – you can start and complete it at any time and progress through the course, for example, in parts. All you need is a computer or mobile device with internet access and audio, although you can get the best experience on a computer. The training is built on narrative, including assignments and videos, so it is not optimally suited for people with hearing impairments. We recommend completing the training on the same device from start to finish.  If you wish, you can also complete the electrical safety card as a webinar or classroom training.


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Execution time

4-6 hours, depending on the individual execution speed and basic data. You can also complete the training in parts on the same device, so that your device remembers where you left off last time.

The cost of training

We offer online electrical safety card training for €149 + VAT. The price includes one-time access to the online training and a PDF certificate of successful completion of the training. The certificate card can be purchased separately for €10 + VAT.

Usage time

Training must be completed within a year from the date of purchase.

Validity of the qualification

The electrical safety card is valid for five (5) years. The PDF certificate can be downloaded from the system immediately after successful completion.

The electrical safety card training as an online training includes e.g.

  • Dangers of electricity
  • Taking care of electrical safety
  • Consequences and effects of electric shock
  • Arcs, electromagnetic fields and induction
  • Electrosensitivity
  • Psychosocial load
  • Fire risks caused by electricity
  • Legislation and standards
  • The importance and binding nature of key regulations and standards in the field
  • Key roles and terms in legislation and standards
  • Rights in electrical work by role and qualification
  • Basic protection of the work site
  • Orientation and supervision
  • Multilingual and multicultural construction site
  • Temporary agency work
  • Safety measures and factors in electrical work
  • Safe working methods and attitudes
  • Residual current circuit breaker
  • Automatic off
  • Drawings and documents of the electrical installation
  • Readiness to impose emergency measures
  • Risk assessment and mapping of work hazards
  • General occupational safety in electrical work
  • Personal protective equipment and protective clothing
  • Replacing the handle fuse
  • Warning signs, signs and instruction boards
  • Operation, maintenance and inspection of electrical equipment
  • Measures and working practices directed at electrical equipment
  • Terminology and measures related to voltage work
  • General safety in electrical work
  • Responsibility for electrical work
  • Working de-energized
  • Construction site
  • First aid for electrical work
  • Electrical accidents and actions in the event of an accident
  • Vital signs check
  • How to make an emergency declaration
  • CPR and resuscitation using a defibrillator
  • Fire safety in electrical work
  • Electrical fires and hazards
  • Prevention of electrical fires
  • Portable fire extinguishers, their suitability and uses

Participation in electrical safety card training as online training

Start by purchasing a place in the Electrical Safety Card training. After a successful order, a confirmation email, login credentials and instructions will be sent to the e-mail of the order participant to the online learning platform. So, immediately after the purchase, you will be able to complete training.

You can log in to the learning environment from a computer, tablet or mobile device – it is enough to have an internet connection and sounds working on the device. No installations are required. You can complete the training online in as many parts as you want – or even in one sitting. Your progress is stored in the system and you can always continue studying from where you left off last time. If you already have an online course account, you can continue completing the training from this link: My courses.

To complete the online training, your computer must have the latest version of one of the following Internet browsers: Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. It is not recommended to complete an online course using Internet Explorer.

The completion time of the training varies between the participants, but typically the electrical safety card training online is completed in a time of 4-6 hours. The execution time depends on the individual pace of progression. In connection with the purchase, a three-month period of use is granted, within which the training must be completed.

The realization of the learning objectives is monitored as the course progresses with assignments, from which the participant also receives feedback according to their answers. At the end of the course, the student completes the final exam, which, if passed, allows the student to download a temporary certificate of completed education. If necessary, new things can be repeated in the online training until you pass the exam. The plastic certificate card will be delivered by post afterwards.

Electrical safety card training for a large group

If your company needs an electrical safety card for several dozen or hundreds of people, our sales team will be happy to help you find a suitable solution. Contact us by calling 010 326 7712 or by sending us an email info @koulutuskeskus.comi or request a training offer.

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The electrical safety card is organized in the following areas

Southwest Finland
North Savo
North Ostrobothnia
North Karelia
Central Finland
Central Ostrobothnia
South Ostrobothnia
South Karelia
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Electrical safety card

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