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Security (T-man) training deals with security procedures and procedures, emphasising its demanding role in ensuring safety.

Security qualifications are required when acting as a security guard or in directing road traffic at a level crossing.

Duration of security training 1 day (8 lessons).

The training includes theoretical lessons, as well as off-road visits and exercises. Equipping for the training day with the appropriate safety equipment (shoes, helmet, at least a class2 safety vest or jacket).

T-man All 18-67-year-olds can participate in the training programme if the starting conditions defined per training programme are met. In addition, there are health requirements for tasks affecting railway safety on the state rail network.

  • The participant in the training shall be required to:
  • Track safety qualifications (Safety)
  • Occupational safety card or equivalent
  • Road safety 1 or Tieturva 2 qualification in force at the level crossing when acting as a traffic controller for road traffic.
  • Work experience requires at least three months of work experience in track maintenance before entering training.
  • The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency requires that the "Health and suitability recommendations" published by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency on health and suitability recommendations for those performing rail safety tasks be followed for those performing tasks affecting railway safety. You can find the instruction:
  • Unlike the guide, those in the position are not required to carry out an aptitude assessment of the railway psychologist for the time being. Listing of railway psychologists
  • The participant shall demonstrate a certificate signed by the employer on work experience, valid and completed trainings and a statement on the suitability of health to the educational institution at the latest at the beginning of the training.

Content of the training

The following topics will be discussed in the training:

  • General rules and guidelines for security activities
  • Use of security at work in the railway area
  • Operation in case of hazards and accidents
  • Security procedure at a level crossing
  • Securing with RATSU
  • Off-road exercises and written test

The completion of the training successfully produces the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency's Security Qualification (T-man), which is valid for five years until the end of the year of expiration. The maintenance of competence is carried out by re-participating in the training every five years. Security training NO new Track Safety (Safety) qualification.

For more information, see the Guidelines of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency On the competence and competence requirements of the State Infrastructure Manager:

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Security training (T-man) will be organised in the following areas

Southwest Finland
North Savo
North Ostrobothnia
North Karelia
Central Finland
Central Ostrobothnia
South Ostrobothnia
South Karelia
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Security training (T-man)

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