Since 2014, we have been a training unit. We employ approximately 70 trainers and administrative staff. We organise trainings throughout Finland in Finnish, Swedish and English.


Ready for new challenges? Get us a job.


Time, place and location are not a problem for us. We organise the trainings very quickly according to our customers' wishes, however, in accordance with our quality criteria. Our roots are in Uusimaa, but our area of operation covers the whole of Finland.


Through our training calendar, enrolment in trainings is easy and effortless. After registration, you will receive an order confirmation in your email containing all possible information about the training. You can quickly contact our customer service via our chat service, by email or traditionally by calling.


We want to offer our customers a comprehensive range of training so that we can serve in the widest possible sector. Our training portfolio includes all key permit and card trainings, and in addition to these, we offer a comprehensive range of business coaching. We are constantly investing in developing current and new trainings, taking into account the needs of our customers.


Education is suitable for everyone, regardless of field

occupational safety training
independently online

You can start training immediately after ordering