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Uudenmaan Koulutuskeskus only accept invoices in the ways set out below. Uudenmaan Koulutuskeskus The company will merge with Suomen Ensiapukoulutus Oy on 30.6.2023, which will update the billing information from 1.7.2023.

Uudenmaan Koulutuskeskus Oy will merge with Suomen Ensiapukoulutus Oy, which will change the company's business name, company name, invoicing information and invoice layout. The Uusimaa Training Centre's business name will be merged with Suomen Ensiapukoulutus Oy's business name 2171281-6. Therefore, invoices addressed to the Uusimaa Training Centre will be addressed to Suomen Ensiapukoulutus. The new billing information will be effective for all invoices from 1.7.2022. Invoicing will also change to the extent that invoices will come from Suomen Ensiapukoulutus Oy from 1.7.2023.

Our billing address:

We process our purchase invoices electronically. We are doing our part to encourage the uptake of e-invoicing and we hope to receive your invoices as e-invoices wherever possible.

Our e-invoice address is 003721712816

Our business ID is 2171281-6

Our e-invoicing provider is Maventa

Operator's broker ID 003721291126

For transmission via the intermediary bank network: DABAFIHH

E-mail address: invoice-21712816@kollektor.fi

Paper invoices should be sent to:

Finnish First Aid Training Ltd

PL 100

80020 Collector Scan

Please note that the invoice and any attachments must be submitted as a single PDF file and that only one invoice and its attachments may be included in a single file. The size limit for e-mails is 10 Mb. Each invoice file must be sent in a separate message.

The invoice must be in pdf format, we cannot process attachments in any other format.

Please also note that no material other than invoices may be sent to this billing address.

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